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Dr. Marcel Manheller is project manager at Kiepe Electric GmbH since 2013 in the field of buses and e-mobility.
His specialization is in the area of preparation and implementation of strategic development projects for electric buses. In particular, he is the author of the name in-motion-charging “IMC”, developed the concept and defined necessary strategic developments.


  • June 11: Charging infrastructure & systems for electric buses

    IMC500: Smart Mobility

    Innovative IMC 500 vehicles are charged while driving in the existing overhead line network. In Solingen the 18m IMC bus is charged on IMC-Roads with only 23% of the distance. Kiepe Electric's IMC500 enables high-performance energy transfer betweenthe infrastructure and the vehicle of up to 500 kW. Sufficient power is available for reliable and fastest possible recharge of a battery, even while accelerating, driving uphill or other energy-consuming operation. With IMC500, a reserve of charging power is provided, if unscheduled e.g. due to a bypass, the traveling time under the overhead line (IMC road) is shortened. Kiepe's intelligent energy management system prevents overloading even in the case of local or temporary network weaknesses by adjusting power consumption and priorizing buses. This smart concept is ptimizing the use of infrastructure. Kiepe Electric, makes Mobility smart.