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Mariano is the Head of Europe Growth at Remix, works closely with transportation authorities and operators in Europe to understand and improve their planning processes and priorities. He has a scientific background, holding a Masters degree in Mathematics and Computer Engineering and has worked in planning and scheduling transportation projects worldwide. He is passionate about improving public transportation including diverse modes: bus, rail and ferries; and has worked in projects with international companies such as LTA Singapore, Transmilenio Bogota, Keolis Amey Docklands or HSL Helsinki among others.


  • June 10: Leveraging big data for public transport planning

    Using travel pattern data for more informed transit planning

    Historically, transit planners have trusted ridership and survey data to decide where and how often to run public transport service. Today, telecom companies can gain insights from anonymized crowd data generated from their networks to provide an accurate view on people movement patterns in our cities. This data can be turned into powerful insights which planners now can use to improve transit service to better compete against the individual car and drive down emissions. This gives PTAs a unique opportunity to reshape the service they provide to citizens of today. The idea of the presentation is to have the collaboration from Marcus Velin, Global Product Manager Crowd Insights @ Telia Company to share more details about how this data is being obtained and used for Public Transport.