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Yehia’s work spans architecture and urban design, with a focus on transportation, research, and a particular interest in the intersection of technology and design process. Yehia plays key leadership roles on major transportation projects for Perkins+Will. Most recently, Yehia led a team of designers to establish a line-wide identity and deliver station designs for the new REM line in Montreal.

In his role as director of Innovation, Yehia provides strategic direction to the research and innovation agenda across the Perkins+Will. The firm’s research, related to transportation, focuses on addressing current and future mobility alternatives, a like demand-service mobility and autonomous vehicles, and their effect on defining our cities and mobility hubs of the future.


  • June 10: Public transport’s role in shaping our cities

    The role of Station Architecture in Passenger Experience and the Future of Mobility

    Our communities are influenced by transportation and mobility and they succeed by way of the thousands of decisions we make during design stage. The success of transit relies on great plazas, walking streets, cycling networks and integration of other and future modes of mobility as much as it relies on station design, wayfinding and efficient operation. Station Architecture is the interface between customer and infrastructure; Stations provide the sense of arrival at a destination and shapes a lasting memory for the visitors. In designing the 27 stations along the new Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM) LRT corridor in Montreal, our aspirations are to create a system-wide identity that is unique and rooted in Montreal’s culture, addresses the individuality of each stations’ neighborhood, and has a transformative effect on city life by putting the passenger experience at the heart.