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Marius Macku is heading FLASH’s global policy efforts, working with cities and public transport to help understand how Flash can play a positive role in the future of urban mobility.
Before working for Flash, Marius was leading Uber’s mobility policy in Europe. Marius also led European and Governmental Affairs for the highspeed train Thalys. During that time, he was also the President of the European Commission’s Working Group on International Passenger Issues. Prior to that Marius worked in the European institutions. Marius has studied French, German and European law and politics.


  • June 12: the Studio: where ideas come to life

    Micromobility and Public Transport: How to integrate for the public good?

    Shared micromobility services, if done right, have the potential to boost public transport ridership. To get there, private and public operators must work together. This workshop shall treat the following questions and apply them to the example of electric kickscooters. Time for Q&A will be foreseen:
    How to efficiently solve the first- and last-mile challenge?
    How to ensure orderly streets - and public transport stations - with free floating micromobility?
    What possibilities do exist for tariff integration?
    How to steer mobility flows towards public transport?