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Carlos López has developed his professional career focused on business development of Intelligent Transportation Systems. He joined GMV in 2008, where he has taken different sales positions, currently he is the ITS Business Development Manager for Europe and SE Asia. He has a Master Degree in Informatics Engineering from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, topping up this academic training with a Master in International Business Management at Centre of Studies for Economy and Trade and an Executive MBA in IESE Business School.


  • June 11: Connecting buses for smarter mobility

    Deepsy: GMV’s new software platform for in-vehicle ITS ecosystem

    Deepsy is GMVs newly developed software platform for its latest family of in-vehicle ITS solutions.This platform has been designed so to improve the investments effectiveness undertaken by transport operators. This is achieved by reducing the number of hardware elements to be fitted in the vehicles by installing several ITS applications in a single computer. Additionally, Deepsy simplifies the development of embedded software, accelerating results and minimizing the associated costs. Deepsy consists of an open source Linux distribution, a feature-rich development environment and a robust set of APIs for user applications. Developers can easily access hardware components shared among the different ITS applications such as GNSS, modem or CAN bus. In line with current ITS interoperability initiatives, Deepsy envisages seamless sharing of cross application transit service information.