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Mr Looi is the Dean of LTA Academy and the Executive Director for Singapore Rail Academy (SGRA) in the Land Transport Authority (LTA), Singapore. He currently oversees capability building programmes for international and local participants, including international collaborations with UITP, the World Bank and Asian Development Bank on training programmes and benchmarking studies. He has in-depth experience in the development and implementation of the public transport skills or competency framework for Singapore.

He has previously headed various divisions in the LTA. He was also the secretary of the Public Transport Council.

Mr Looi is a civil engineer by training. Besides being knowledgeable in public transport policy reforms, legislative changes, regulatory and contracting models and fare regulations, he has technical expertise in transport planning, integrated development studies, road project design and management.


  • June 10: Recruit, retain and reskill tomorrow's workforce

    Developing Skills Framework for Public Transport in Singapore

    As a key component for the Singapore’s land transport industry transformation map, the Skills Framework for Public Transport is developed for the public transport workforce to promote skills mastery and lifelong learning. Launched in May 2018, the development involved multiple government agencies, operators, unions and education institutions. The framework establishes and provides useful information on employment opportunities, career pathways, occupations and job roles, critical work functions and key tasks, technical and generic skills competencies, proficiency levels, emerging skills and training programmes for upskilling and mastery. Both the rail and bus sectors’ engineering and operations domains are covered. The presentation will share the development of the framework and lessons learned with agencies, operators and unions which are planning or pursuing similar endeavours.