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Matthew is the Deputy Director-General of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads and the head of TransLink.

TransLink is responsible for delivering Queensland’s integrated passenger transport system, including bus, train, ferry, trams, personalised transport, long distance coaches, school bus services and subsidised air services.
In his role Matthew is accountable for an annual operating budget of $2.6 billion and works closely with more than 500 delivery partners across Queensland to provide reliable, efficient and customer focussed services across the state.

– Bachelor of Built Environment, Queensland University of Technology
– Graduate Diploma of Urban and Regional Planning, Queensland University of Technology
– Executive Master of Business Administration, Australian Graduate School of Management University of New South Wales


  • June 10: A data-driven business

    A data-driven approach for the continual improvement of Public Transport

    TransLink uses detailed granular data from scheduling, ticketing, real-time and telematics systems to evaluate punctuality and reliability of multimodal trips. Machine learning techniques are used to mine the GPS data to generate optimal timetables to enhance schedule adherence, service connections, optimise efficiency, and enhance the customer experience. Operational performance is reviewed against the current and optimal timetables to quantify and confirm the service improvements before scheduling changes are implemented to significantly reduce the risk associated with network and scheduling changes. The fusion of data sources allows TransLink to assess trip load profiles and utilisation across all transport modes and analyse end to end passenger travel patterns fully. Analysis of congestion throughout the road network is used to evaluate strategies to minimise service disruption.