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Mr Terence Lo is a senior transport planner in Singapore’s Land Transport Authority. His experience includes developing transport plans to support various land uses, with emphasis in district-level planning of bus network and bus infrastructures. In recent projects, he focuses more on exploring ways to integrate different modes and technologies towards a car-lite urban environment.


  • June 12: UITP Awards 2019 Finalists Poster Session 5

    Quantifying Transit System Resilience using a Complex Network Approach

    The objective is to develop an index to quantify the resilience of the rail transit network and a software tool for transport planners to compute the index when assessing optimal rail alignments.
    We used a weighted complex network model of the rail transit system. The model utilises data on the rail network configuration, the geographical locations of stations, the commuting demand, as well as the capacity of different transit services around the stations.
    The framework introduces several indicators designed to measure all aspects of resilience. The indicators include: Between-ness Centrality, Nearest Transport Point, Vulnerable Passenger Flow, Passenger Delay, and Bus Train Connectivity.
    The indicators are first computed for each network edge to obtain the edge scores, which are then normalized and weighted by commuter flow on the edges to obtain an aggregated network indicator score. The five indicators can subsequently be combined to give an overall resilience index.