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Kara Livingston, holds a Master’s Degree in Finance and French from the University of Aberdeen (Scotland). Since January 2015 she has been Director of Marketing for Keolis Group, responsible for managing the marketing specialists team for all the countries where the Keolis is present.

Kara was previously Director of the Spanish division of SNCF Voyages (TGV) between 2013-14. In 2004 she joined Eurostar in London as Director of the e-commerce and CRM division, and then as Director of Strategy at Eurostar in Paris in 2010, developing new lines between London, Amsterdam, Geneva, Lyon and Marseille. Kara started her career in 1997 as a consultant in the London office of PricewaterhouseCoopers. She then joined Orange PLC in 2000, where she was in charge of creating the CRM department in the Netherlands and for the development of the service offer and customer loyalty in the UK.


  • June 10: Happy leaders, happy staff, happy customers

    Customer service excellence

    Keolis tackles the challenge of delivering a more personalised approach to public mobility services and the delivery of excellent customer service. Transport operators can no longer afford to consider passengers as a mass, because their expectations have changed with the rise of digitalisation and the ‘always connected’ culture. To meet this need Keolis developed its 'Keolis Signature Service (KSS)', which is a collaborative approach between us, the passengers and the public transport authority to identify new service gestures that add value to the passenger experience. The benefits of the KSS approach are already reaping rewards on the DLR in London and in Bordeaux, where Keolis operates and maintains a multi-modal network for the city.