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Kevin Liu is working in Streamax more than 11 years. With years working experience on Mobile CCTV & Transit Bus field, he has good knowledge on how to use video based AI technology on transit bus.


  • June 12: Artificial Intelligence and augmented reality solutions for greater performance

    CCTV+  AI empowers public transport

    We will follow the classic risk management closed loop, detect what kind of existing risk may have on the road(Blind Spot Detection, LDW, FCW, Driver distraction, Driver Fatigue), followed we will analysis based on research data how can avoid /reduce these risk, then we will show how it can be done with artificial intelligence application help, the last part will show with all the data, how fleet manager can figure out their risk map and control it. A project in Jiangsu province of China, implemented above solution on 41K long distance coach and high-risk transportation trucks, reported with accident rate decreased by 40%, and the direct economic loss and insurance claims of the accident decreased by 60% and 48%. Considering the privacy law in EU, the privacy protection solution is also given on this solution, to balance the demand on safety and privacy.