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Johan Lindén has been CEO at Gaia for 12 years. He has almost 30 years of experience in software development and IT solutions for large organisations. Alongside Public Transport, he has also worked with solutions for healthcare, logistics, retail and manufacturing. Today, his main focus is marketing and selling Gaia Public Transport, Gaia’s solution for next-generation real-time systems. He’s based in Norrköping, Sweden.


  • June 05: A user-centric approach for more accessible and inclusive mobility in our cities

    Digital aids for a more accessible public transport

    This speech will present how digital aids can help visually impaired people travel more easily and independently. The objective is to show the potential of using modern technology to provide all people with the same access to public transportation. The speech will display an application using cloud-based positioning data to accompany the visually impaired and provide personalized information about journeys. The application is adapted for screen readers and helps people plan their trip, guides them to the correct bus stop and bus with voice indicators, and provides travel information during a journey. Using the same technology, we can create more personalized services and make public transport accessible to more groups of people. We strive to enable a change in the behavior of people with disabilities by increasing equality, making it possible for them to choose public transport.