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Hallie Liao is the head of international development department at Shenzhen Bus Group/Didi Udian Co. Ltd. Hallie is in charge of international business development, branding, procurement and advertisement. Hallie is passionate about public policy and public transportations role in creating a greener urban environment, particularly after Shenzhen Bus Group became the first fully and largest electric-powered public vehicle operator in the world. Prior to joining Shenzhen Bus Group, Hallie had worked for the United Nations Development Programme, McKinsey and other international organizations in cross border development projects across the United States, China, Latin America and South East Asia. Hallie holds an B.A in political science and economics from Columbia University.


  • June 11: UITP Awards 2019 Finalists Poster Session 4

    Bus Fleet Electrification

    Full electrification of public transportation is not simply "purchasing and using electric vehicles", but a complete systematic shift for the organization and its city. The difficulty to balance large scale operation and high quality service has been a common industry conundrum. Shenzhen Bus Group (SZBG) took ten years' practice to explore a model of three innovations in “formulation of technologies, collaboration with industries, and formulating operational procedures”, successfully removing barriers in the adoption of pure-electric vehicles. Internally, SZBG undertook a complete restructure of operational procedures, incorporating latest state of the art technologies such as internet+ and big data, helping to transform the traditional bus operation to one with a lean management structure in order to meet with the technical challenges that came with operating a pure-electric fleet. The effort facilitated SZBG to become the world's first bus company to achieve full electrification.
  • June 11: On-demand shared transport: optimising mobility services with new technologies

    The Future of On demand bus