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Vincent LEMAIRE, integrated SAFRA in 1992, as the first engeneer “Arts&Métiers” in the company, and becomes CEO of the company in 2007. Today at 50 , he is the Chairman of the Group SAFRA.
Other : Vice-Chairman of “MIPIRAIL”, Administrator of “SEM Eveer’hy’Pôle”, Secretary of “Valeurs de l’Albigeois” association. Distinguished by the Order of Merit in 2013.
He participates, as speaker, to the positive economy forum in 2016 at San Patrignano, to the BPI Innogeneration at Paris in 2016, and other interventions.


  • June 11: Various solutions for the deployment of electric buses

    Sustainable Mobility : make the right decisions !

    Faced with the challenges of energy transition, how make the right choices ? There are so many topics to consider, such as regulations and laws, the current environmental policy in the city, the existing fleet, and the financial part. What will be the best sustainable investment between a pure electric bus with slow charging system or pantograph system ? Why is a plug-in electric bus a competitive intermediate solution ? And what about the hydrogen solution ? According to the multitude of categories of vehicles, Vincent Lemaire CEO of SAFRA, sheds light on the advantages and the constraints of each motorization existing on the market, with a focus on the BUSINOVA.