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Wilhelm Landerholm may be Sweden’s best known data scientist. He has more than 250 models in production around the world, mostly in the fields of logistical automation, pricing and segmentation. He is the inventor and co-founder of The Train Brain. He is currently working on a research project for SL (Stockholm Public Transport) adapting the Train Brain-model for urban bus traffic.


  • June 11: Artificial intelligence and smart technology in public transport

    Forecast delays in public transport before they happen!

    In this session you will learn about the TrainBrain that is based on an algorithm that can predict when trains will be delayed, letting commuters avoid delays and better plan their travel. Using years of historical data, this forecasting model can predict delays hours before they happen. By monitoring live arrival and departure times, it knows when a train is late and forecasts the risk of further delays across the entire network.
  • June 10: the Studio: where ideas come to life

    Meet the Knock-on Flamingo. By understanding delay patterns we can reduce train delays. Now!

    In complex rail system everything impacts everything. If we can understand and identify delay patterns in real time we can, plan smarter, direct traffic smarter and help customers travel smarter. This speech will present a new version of The Train Brain, with system-wide real time stochastic simulation of vehicle movements. We believe that this technology will be a key enabler for automating decision making in rail traffic control. To explain how the Train Brain works we will have on stage the Knock-on Flamingo, an installation that monitors in real time, all knock-on train delays in Sweden.