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The Association of Municipalities for Mobility and Urban Transport (AMTU) is an association of local bodies of Catalan national scope.
The purpose of the AMTU is the constant improvement of collective passenger transport, as well as mobility in general, based on the optimization of available resources, technical advice to associates, support in management, and the representation and defense of the interests of the associated members before the administrations and bodies competent in the matter.
AMTU currently has 137 associated entities, 127 municipalities, 9 county councils and 1 commonwealth.


  • June 06: Building sustainable and equitable transportation choices across the globe

    Flexitransport Catalunya platform

    The speech will begin with a brief reflection on the importance of public transport and transport on demand as an alternative and complementary solution to traditional transport systems of greater capacity. Next, the characteristics of the Flexitransport Catalunya system will be presented, emphasizing its ability to adapt to different territorial realities thanks in large part to its parameterizable and configurable design. The intelligence of the system will be highlighted thanks to its 4 route calculation algorithms (flexible, with assignment wheel, by regular bus and bus on demand). Finally, two case studies will be presented: the first on an on-demand bus line in a sector of the city of Terrassa (220,000 inhabitants), operated by 92 local taxi drivers, and the second, in the municipality of Lliçà de Vall (6,700 inhabitants), where a flexible transport system operates with 1 vehicle.