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Roberto is Brazilian born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. Graduating in mathematics from the American University, Was, D.C., accumulates over 40 years experience structuring and financing infrastructure projects focusing in public transport. 
Starting in the Interamerican Development Bank continued for 15 years with The Chase Manhattan Bank, NA in Rio de Janeiro, New York and Buenos Aires.
Specifically in public transport, Roberto joined Metrovias (then concessionaire of the Buenos Aires subway system) in 1994 as finance director. 
Following various positions in the Metrovias group in Argentina, Roberto joined CCR SA, in Brazil, as Business Development Executive being involved in new projects such as the light rail in Rio de Janeiro and the subway in Salvador, Bahia.
Currently, in addition to participation in business development groups, Roberto acts in the Board of Directors of the six public transport companies of the CCR group of companies, UITP-Latin America and ANPTrilhos.