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Alain Krakovitch (born in 1969) is CEO of SNCF Transilien, the train network for Île-de-France (the Paris region), since October 2014.

He graduated from the École Centrale de Lyon in 1991 and obtained a Masters in management and logistical engineering from Essec Business School.

He started his career in London with a national service mission at French Railways Limited, as representative of SNCF for fret4. In 2005, he became Director of Gare du Nord (North Station) in Paris where he managed over 1,000 staff. In 2007, he became Director of cabinet for SNCF’s President Anne-Marie Idrac, whose successor was Guillaume Pepy. In 2012, Alain Krakovitch was named member of SNCF’s Executive Committee.

Guillaume Pepy put him in charge of a plan to make lines and infrastructure safer and to improve them. Upon his appointment at Transilien, Alain Krakovitch announced that the four main pilars for SNCF Transilien are “Punctuality, information and passenger care, comfort and security”.

In 2016 he launched, together with Keolis and SNCF Réseau, the Mass Transit Academy (MTA) to train SNCF managers in the expertise of operations in dense railway zones.