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Richard Kirby is a mechanical engineer with a degree from University of Saskatchewan in Canada. Richard joined Thales Canada (then Alcatel) in late 1995, initially he was developing software on the Jubilee Line Extension project. Over his 24 years at Thales, Richard has worked in various roles in signalling system projects, including requirements, design, software development, testing, commissioning, maintenance support, and project management. After a number of years in Systems Engineering, Richard moved to the UK in 2009 to help test and commission the SelTrac signalling system on the Jubilee Line and Northern Line. He has since settled in the UK and holds dual Canadian/British citizenship. Richard is working on the 4 Line Modernisation (4LM) project as a Test and Commissioning manager. The 4LM project is the brown field re-signalling of the Subsurface Railway (SSR), which comprises approximately 40% of the London Underground infrastructure.


  • June 11: Keeping ageing railways fit for growing ridership and expectations

    Lessons in implementing CBTC in brownfield environment on London Four Line Modernisation (4LM)

    The presentation addresses the challenges and lessons learned from London’s 300 km Four Lines Modernisation (4LM). 4LM is a re-signalling project that is being currently delivered while maintaining daily passenger service. Its scope consists of: the integration with rolling stock replacement/ refurbishment; the control centre modernisation; the passenger information system upgrades, and enhancements to the backbone data communications network. The presentation will cover strategy and progresses for: - Installation of CBTC signalling equipment in Central and Trackside, - Cutover to allow over and backing between legacy and CBTC system for testing and commissioning, - Train installation and testing, - Migration Strategy adopted and how to maintain CBTC Revenue while other migration sections are under test, and - Shadow Mode Running on 4LM and benefits achieved to date.