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Naoto Kimura joined Tokyo Metro’s predecessor, Teito Rapid Transit Authority, in 1984. In his early career, he gained experience in formulating the business plan, as well as rolling stock planning. After becoming Deputy Manager from March 1995, his posts included work in railway business planning, operation planning, as well as financing and related business. Following a few years as Manager in the Human Resources since March 2003, he began working in International Affairs in April 2008 and now is Director of International Relations Department.


  • June 10: Recruit, retain and reskill tomorrow's workforce

    How to create an environment that supports work-life balance – Tokyo Metro’s approaches to retain valuable talent

    Tokyo Metro Group is a core transport operator responsible for the railway network in Tokyo. With the group ideal “Keeping Tokyo on the Move” in mind, the group is actively involved in various businesses, centering on the railway business.
    The group is now launching various projects to encourage a healthy work-life balance for employees. For instance, working practices are being reviewed and reformed throughout the organisation, both in the head office and on-site offices. Also, new measures to enhance employees’ health are actively being implemented. It is hoped that these initiatives will motivate and inspire workers, accordingly generating new possibilities toward further growth of Tokyo Metro Group.
    This presentation will share Tokyo Metro Group’s approaches on how to retain talented staff, mainly focusing on how to create a working environment where each employee can enjoy a great work-life balance.