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Katja Kienzl is head of Marketing of Infineon’s Transport Ticketing Product Line. In this role she is driving the overall product strategy on a worldwide basis. In 2016 Katja was elected as a member of the board of the OSPT Alliance, an international association chartered to provide standards for secure transit ticketing. Before that she was driving RFID business development activities and was engaged in setting up Infineon’s Ident Solutions Group
Prior to joining Infineon Katja held various management positions such as head of segment marketing and international marketing management.As a business development and marketing professional Katja has been actively involved in the Smart Card & RFID industry for more than 15 years.
Katja holds a masters degree in telecommunication and electronic engineering and is lecturer for technology marketing at universities and business schools.


  • June 10: The ticket to better urban mobility

    Mobility on demand and how it can contribute to a healthier economy and a greener planet

    Can earning money in transport help create a better future? Transport authorities and operators are continually looking for ways to increase the efficiency and performance of their systems. What is it that makes contactless technologies and NFC buzz words in our industry? Should we expect the market to remain as diverse as it seems to be at the moment? Contactless ticketing solutions have to rapidly handle extremely high passenger numbers. Operators therefore have to ensure much faster and superior performance. Passengers expect the ultimate in convenience and reliability. But there are a few key points that transport agencies and operators can take into account to meet these challenges as they transition towards easy, affordable, secure and environmentally sound public transport services – thus reducing pollution and creating greener cities moving forward.