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Arno was born in 1972 in The Netherlands. In 1996, he graduated as a Civil Engineer at the Engineering University of Delft after having obtained in 1995 a Certificate in Transport and Planning at the French Ecole Nationale des Ponts and Chaussées in Paris (ENPC). Arno joined UITP in 2003 where he carried out the Bus of the Future project. He is currently Global Head of Bus Division and is directly in charge of all content and knowledge-related bus activities within the Association, coordinating members’ work on the Bus Committee, the Trolleybus Committee, its various technical and operational Working Groups and the UITP Industry Committee and acts as senior trainer on a worldwide basis in the development of the UITP training business. Arno develops cross sectoral activities (Tender Structure platform, SORT fuel consumption referential, Standard Bus Activity Model) and is doing research on Bus Systems. Arno Kerkhof is a confirmed public transport professional with a long practical and field experience in the services as described above.


  • June 11: Tackling the challenges to operating fleets of e-buses

  • June 10: Supporting e-bus large scale deployment

    UITP Bus Committee knowledge capture - 3 thematic working groups on e-buses

    Following fruitful discussions at the knowledge gap workshop on ebuses in Shenzhen in November 2018, the Bus Committee kicked-off 3 thematic working groups on e-buses: WG 1 on Optimisation of e-bus operations, WG 2 on Standard methodology to calculate TCO and WG 3 on Design Guidelines for charging infrastructure. Please join the poster session if you’re interested to get a full brief of this knowledge initiative on e-bus operations.