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Vivienne has worked with Dublin Bus for 20 years starting as a clerical officer in a number of their bus depots before moving into the Human Resources Department and working in the areas of equality, recruitment and training. She is currently the Employee Development and Equality Executive with Dublin Bus and has responsibility for Learning and Development, Diversity and Inclusion, and Policy Development within the company. She holds an honours degree in Human Resource Management and a masters in Strategic Management where her dissertation looked at why women are under-represented within Dublin Bus and the public transport sector.

Some of the diversity projects Vivienne has worked on include Open Days for Women as part of a bus driver recruitment campaign which resulted in a 32% increase of female bus drivers; the annual national “Stop Racism” campaign in partnership with the Immigration Council of Ireland, Dublin City Council, the National Transport Authority, and other transport providers, which aims to raise public awareness of racism and urge people to report racist incidents; and the “Proud Dads” video as part of Dublin Pride 2018 which has garnered over 2 million views to date.

In 2018 Dublin Bus won the Diversity and Inclusion award at the CIPD Ireland HR Awards for their Workplace Gender Transition Policy and Guidelines.


  • June 10: Diversity: improving the public transport workforce

    Using Equality and Diversity in Dublin Bus to gain business advantage

    Dublin Bus is the largest PT operator in Ireland. We believe diversity and inclusion are not only the ‘right thing to do' but also the ‘right business thing to do’ and make good business sense. Through an innovative and proactive strategy (in place since 2001) to promote and showcase diversity and inclusion, Dublin Bus has successfully achieved business advantage; an inclusive and welcoming culture for colleagues and customers results in loyalty and satisfaction among employees and customers, an enhanced brand and reputation leads to support from the public, political and civic sectors. Current activity includes targeted communication and 'open days' to recruit female drivers, a Workplace Gender Transition Policy, supporting employees' involvement in the Dublin PRIDE festival, anti-racism campaigns and LGBTQ+ - Paternity Leave. We believe our approach is industry-leading and works.