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Head of design in the RATP Group, for the Projects management department. Strategic advisor for design, architecture and innovation in the initialization of major projects such as new rolling stock, lines extensions, hubs renewals or constructions, new products. Research and Innovation delegate for the Projects management department, and member of the RATP Innovation Labs governance.
Previously in charge of the design management team built from 1990 to 2011
Member of the UITP Design & Culture platform (previously chairperson from 2009 to 2015)
Member of boards of organisations in the French design world


  • June 11: People first! Improving the urban experience with public transport

    Let's hub!

    Let's hub! Let's transform the interchanges in positive assets and not as suffered obligations! Due to the multimodal structure of its network, the RATP has been working for a long time to transform the connexions between modes in practical and interesting urban places. Because of the growing needs of the passengers in service quality, and growing expectations of the local authorities in smart cities involving economic attractiveness, urban hubs represent a great subject, which must explicitly be included in the transportation innovation policies. The presentation will show concepts with schemes and examples, based on rail stations and bus terminals especially for the Grand Paris perspective.
  • June 10: Design is good for Enhancing Customer Experience