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Stephanie Kam is an attorney at Nossaman LLP, the law firm that has played a leading role in almost every major, innovatively financed U.S. transportation infrastructure project. Ms. Kam has represented public agencies around the world using design-build, build-operate-transfer, and design-build-finance-operate-maintain project delivery, including the North-South Commuter Railway in the Philippines, Tanzania Standard Gauge Railway under construction, California High-Speed Rail, Metro Gold Line extension in Los Angeles, and MicroTransit Pilot Project in Los Angeles. Ms. Kam obtained her Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall Law School in Canada, with a concentration in International, Comparative and Transnational Law, and is tetra-qualified (Ontario, New York, California and England & Wales).


  • June 11: Contracting for innovative transport services

    Procurement and Contracting for Innovation

    This session will explore several procurement and contracting techniques that promote innovation during the design, construction and operational phases of a public transit project using real-life examples. Structuring procurement and contracting in a certain fashion, the art in public transport, encourages developers to incorporate the best available technology, infrastructure designs and service delivery methods, leading the way to generating enhanced delivery benefits.