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Maximilian Kaiser is responsible for international sales and business development of the Intermodal Solutions Business within Siemens Mobility, working with public transportation agencies and other mobility players in a variety of countries in Europe and South America. During the past years he gained experience in various transportation fields through research activities on the development of digital business models in the mobility industry. He also worked as a Management Consultant in the automotive industry at Arthur D. Little. Maximilian holds a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management and started to work for Siemens in 2012. One of his recent positions was in Singapore where he was responsible for regional business development of mobility solutions.


  • June 10: Enabling Mobility as a Service

    MaaS – Will open APIs save the world?

    MaaS initiatives are growing worldwide while open APIs are promoted as the ultimate solution. But an open API approach will not address all issues in the long term. To build up a sustainable ecosystem, integration layers are crucial to reduce interfaces, transactional efforts, complexity and costs. Moreover, they build the foundation for a holistic data set, enabling operators to gain more wisdom out of generated data through apps and trip requests. These insights can be highly beneficial to improve operational excellence and introduce new mobility services like DRT. Data analytics based on machine learning and AI can also provide personalized information proactively to travelers, creating a unique travel companion.