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Daniel Johnson is a transport economist with 18 years’ experience through his tenure at ITS, University of Leeds. His particular interests are in the application of transport economics and modelling to answer specific policy questions. Key themes in his research and teaching include:
•Factors influencing public transport trip making behaviour;
•Links between transport and the wider economy;
•Valuations of journey attributes.
He is currently co-ordinator of the S2R SMaRTE project.


  • June 10: Easier said than done: doing right by the customer

    What the passenger really wants: rail user centric planning and mobility

    This work reports on findings from the ongoing Shift2Rail project SMaRTE which aims to understand current and future needs of railway passengers. As part of this work, the study reported here investigates aspects of the rail traveller’s experience which could be improved and simplified through information and mobility support. As part of this study we conducted surveys on a number of representative transport users, including non-rail users, to define and measure the influence of key factors on the choice of a transport mode, including railway. The survey design took inputs from a literature review, as well as from workshops with industry stakeholders and focus groups with passengers (retirees, commuters and students), held in three EU countries (Italy, Ireland and UK).