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My name is Saad Jittou, I’m 24 years old and i’m CEO and Cofounder of Weego. I’m a transports enthousiast ! Before having the ambition to shape Africa’s urban transportation systems, I cofounded Pikala Bikes (Medina Bikes now) the first bike sharing service in Morocco and in Africa. After my graduation, I flew to see my bestfriend living in Senegal. I came across an article talking about 4 engineers dreaming about making mobility in Dakar better. I called them, and joined the team. After a month, we had a beta version of Weego that we called Sunubus : “It’s an mobile app where people living in Dakar could see real time arrivals of buses only using crowdsourcing and AI with no GPS equipment inside the buses”. After the sucess of this first pilot, we integrated more means of transports, we created new transport options tailored on the needs of the populations and we decided to implement the solution in Morocco besides Senegal . Now, we’re in two countries and soon in more than 12 cities.


  • June 11: UITP Awards 2019 Finalists Poster Session 4

    Weego App

    Weego is a user based app for transports in emerging and developing countries. We aim to innovate in public and private transportation using AI and Crowdsourcing to make commute easy.
    In Africa and the Middle East, the Open Data is inexistant. Time travels are long and waiting time is undefined both for public and private transports. Moving from the peripheries to the city center is getting complicated. Digitalizing mobility in Africa is key for rapid growth.

    Besides basic real time arrivals and routes of the public transportation using AI, our app provides to populations tailored mobility solutions depending on their bhaviors. We analyze with machine learning how people travel daily and we suggest innovative transport solutions to governments and cities where we operate. From Carpooling using taxis in Dakar to intelligent Shuttles in Casablanca for companies. We create the future of mobility by connecting private and public transport together.