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Andres is the CEO of VGMobility. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the mobility business. He began his career in the financial sector where he worked for 13 years with Grupo Bancolombia and got to be the CEO of Renting Colombia, a full operative lease company.
He has also worked as CEO of the Group Express, a group of companies that manage more than 2,500 buses, covering more than 25% of Bogota’s transit passengers. Five years ago, he founded Transfondo a company specialized in the structuring, investing, and managing of e-mobility projects, with a portfolio of more than 400 electric buses.
Andres hold a Business Administration degree from Colegio de estudios superiors de administracion (CESA), an MBA at Schiller University, and a Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship with OBS (University of Barcelona).


  • June 06: The modernisation of depot design and operations

    VGMobility Perdomo E-Bus Depot

    VGMobility Perdomo is a turnkey solution for the Bogota’s public transport system, that provided 195 electric buses, their charging infrastructure, and depot, removing up to 12.000 tons of CO2 emissions per year and benefitting 35.000 users and the local community through new jobs, less noise, and cleaner air. Additionally, the project increases the community’s access to public transport as well as to job opportunities, prioritizing women participation to close the gender gap and integrates innovative solutions in the areas of fleet provision mechanisms, charging infrastructure design, and bus depot design to provide an integral project for the city’s development. Overall, Perdomo E-Bus Depot is an innovative approach to tackling climate change and improving staff and user public transport experience, bringing light to the city, and energising the lives of those who live in it.