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Dr Johan Jansson is Associate Professor at Lund University School of Economics and Management, Sweden. He is also Adjunct Professor at University of Cape Town, School of Management Studies, South Africa. He has published in journals such as Journal of Cleaner Production, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Business Strategy and the Environment, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Energy Policy and Sustainable Development. His research interests include sustainable consumption and pro-environmental consumer behaviour, corporate social responsibility, sustainable transportation, eco-innovation adoption and marketing ethics.


  • June 10: Easier said than done: doing right by the customer

    Public transport marketing: Experimental studies on the influence of different messages on traveler attitudes and intentions towards public transportation

    The increasingly market-oriented public transport companies today market themselves with a wealth of messages in multiple channels. This communication is often argued to be an important influencing factor for choosing public transportation, yet little research and testing is carried out in order to gauge how these messages actually influence attitudes and travel intentions. This study presents results on how different types of marketing messages impact attitudes and intentions to travel using public transport. A number of experiments have been carried out together with a public transportation company. The results show that depending on if messages use positive or negative framing concerning environmental issues, respondents react differently. The results have implications for how public transportation actors can use different marketing messages.