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Claes R Janson, Senior Architect SAR/ MSA, has as 25 years of experience as Leading Architect. Commission types have ranged from office- and retail projects to infrastructure projects in all scales. Mr Janson is often engaged in the early stages with design concept and vision work. The role includes the presentation of proposals and visions in words and pictures.
Claes R Janson is often engaged as a lecturer and presenter, and is an experienced communicator, both internally as in contacts with authorities and the public.


  • June 10: Efficient delivery of major projects: from planning to rolling stock renewal

    Ideas for a new underground Central station in Lund

    Between Malmö and Lund construction is ongoing for additional tracks, making it a 4-track stretch. Further north from Lund there are plans to extend the additional tracks in a high speed line, creating a 4-track railway all the way to Hässleholm. But with the tracks on ground level, the passage through Lund on a short stretch is only possible on two tracks, due to classified buildings. In this study Sweco present new ideas on tunneling, which means a more shallow construction, shorter tunnels and better economy. We also try to calculate what the city of Lund can gain in a denser city centre, with new blocks for housing and business on the existing track yard. The city gets rid of a 160 year old barrier through the center of town. And the travelers will benefit from a more efficient and attractive public transportion. A railway and a station for the century to come!