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After graduation from METU Business Administration, Tuğçe Işık started my career in smart mobility sector in Parabol. During 5+ years experience, she worked in business development and marketing for our data driven solutions in mobility management especially in public transportation, MaaS, road safety, multimodal mobility analytics and traffic management areas.

She actively attended as exhibitors so many event in mobility area such as IT-TRANS, Smart City Expo World Congress, POLIS Mobility, Autonomy Paris, Intertraffic, etc, and took active roles as a speaker. She has a chance to make many speeches both in online and physical events related to public transportation.


  • June 05: Data driven approaches for efficient planning and monitoring of public transport operations

    Data-Driven Decision Support Systems for Public Transport Operational and Strategic Management

    Data-driven decision support systems are innovative and scientific ways for promoting public transportation with efficient operations. They can provide; - the operational efficiency with monitoring capacity in online GPS and GTFS tools, - evaluation capacity with micro, meso and macro level public transport analysis to understand service levels and demand - planning capacity with optimization scenarios by AI-based optimization methods for different improvement functions such as fuel saving, increasing user satisfaction, reducing carbon emission, improving driver work schedule, etc.