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Data Science & Analytics specialist and Msc in Civil Engineering with more than 8 years of experience in the field of Data Analytics related to transport. In-depth knowledge and wide experience in geospatial data and GIS systems applied to analytics.
Deep-seated convinced that modern business cannot be understood without new challenges like data science or big data innovations.
What do I enjoy professionally?
– To be involved in all the project stages.
– Mixing disciplines: bringing data science to every business.
– Geolocation analysis and location intelligence


  • June 07: Enabling integrated and inclusive mobility with agile service models and technologies

    In-Mova space as the enabler for a smooth integration

    Data Hubs and integration platforms are the key solution for the management of mobility and infrastructures in cities. They connect, integrates and organize the entire transport ecosystem in a city or community: people, businesses, solutions, technologies, and capabilities. It is important that data hub generates a collaborative scenario in which data is shared and information is gathered, while applying intelligent analytics, creating predictive models, with focus in optimize transport and give support to mobility as a service. Such Data hubs are aligned with technological capabilities as well as deep knowledge of transport business and operations. Such platforms should allow Integration and coordinated management of heterogeneous transport operations in a city or community.