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Mag. (FH) Christina Hubin, MA (*1982) started her working career in 2006 at Wiener Linien, Vienna’s public transport provider. In 2014, she became responsible for Innovation- and Partner Management at Neue Urbane Mobilität Wien, a subsidiary of Wiener Stadtwerke, Vienna’s public infrastructure provider. Since 2016, Ms. Hubin leads the R&D division at Upstream – next level mobility and works together with her team on the future of urban mobility in public interest.


  • June 10: Enabling Mobility as a Service

    Dynamic Mobility Management for mobility as a public service

    Currently, most of the traffic control systems are focused on the single, individual routing solution. There is no context to other demands and total optimised traffic control. The project “DyNaMo” (Dynamic Mobility Management) calculates a total optimum for a given input of persons and providers. It processes static, dynamic as well as historical, real-time and forecasted data. Upstream Mobility developed a graph optimization model, which processes data, capacity of the vehicles and infrastructure as well as supply and user demands. This dynamic mobility management system provides information for the optimal offer-distance-time-transport relation in simulation, in real time, and in forecast. The output of this learning system creates the total optimum for every single user demand in correlation to the amount of demands and traffic conditions.