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1981 Chief Executive Officer of Luminator GmbH
1985 Chief Executive Officer of LAWO GmbH
1989 Chief Executive Officer of LAWO-LUMINATOR-EUROPA GmbH
1995 Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Transit-Media GmbH (in 1996, Transit-Media GmbH has been sold to DRI Inc., N.C., USA)
2004 Executive Vice President of DRI Holding in Europe
Since 2004 Founder and Managing Partner of AESYS-RWH Intl. Ltd.
(consultancy and technology transfer of high-tech products and CRM solutions worldwide)
Since 1986 Member of UITP (International Association of Public Transport)
Honorary posts
1993 Founder and Chairman of UITP Industry Committee
Since 2002 Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Karlsruhe
Since 2003 Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry
2005 – 2017 Vice President of UITP and Chairman of UITP industry members, Member of the UITP Executive Committee and UITP Assembly
Since 2007 Representative of the Armenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Armenia in the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany
2011- 2017 Chairman of small- and medium-sized companies within the UITP industry members
2017 Honorary Vice President of UITP
2018 Member of the “International Board” Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Berlin