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Gayang joined UITP in 2014 with the responsibility of developing knowledge and research programmes for Asia-Pacific Division. She currently leads the UITP Asia-Pacific Centre for Transport Excellence (AP CTE) and is responsible for the Asia-Pacific Organising Authorities Platform, which was inaugurated in 2017.

Gayang has over 15 years of experience in research, with her prior experience in the field of quantitative market research data analysis, marketing strategy, and customer insights from a broad spectrum of industries.


  • June 10: Leveraging big data for public transport planning

  • June 10: Public transportation moves forward with AI and Internet of Things

    Deciphering artificial intelligence in public transport – why do we need to care?

    AI has transformed the way we work, across all sectors, and has even begun to have an impact on our daily life. The opportunities that AI technology presents to the public transport sector are manifold: from customer service to operational excellence, AI is transforming the future of our services.

    The presentation is based the study undertaken by UITP Asia-Pacific Centre for Transport Excellence, in collaboration with and co-funded by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore, on the topic of Artificial Intelligence in Mass Public Transport. The objective of the project was to demystify AI, raise awareness in the public transport sector by landscape analysis and provide insights to organisations who may be considering AI-powered solutions.