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Yann Hervouet co-founded Instant System with Xavier Lecomte in 2013 after 15 years experience in service companies – including 10 at Sword – and many projects in the field of mobility: RATP, Air France, Public Transport Geneva …
INSTANT SYSTEM was founded with the objective of simplifying urban mobility for travelers and reducing its carbon impact. After several years of R & D, including the development of an intermodal and real-time route calculation, INSTANT SYSTEM is now meeting its success by working for more than 50 customers including the RATP, Ile de France Mobilité and KEOLIS and begins its international development with some important successes including Algiers and Toronto.
Yann Hervouet is driving a vision that pursues a dual objective: to radically simplify the movement of travelers by guiding them step by step, especially in the combination of transportation modes, and to offer cities real levers to implement an urban mobility policy.


  • June 10: the Studio: where ideas come to life

    New tools for Government mobility management - Wave

    Our speech will introduce our Wave mobility management tool which will allow Public Authorities to better manage mobility organizational levers and related criteria, in order to priories one or other mobility solutions regarding mobility demand. Wave purposes: manage “mobility as a service” through statistics and decision-making tools integrating mobility criteria’s.