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Ruben Herrero, PMP/MBA/MEng, is a strategic and driven leader with over 20 years of international experience across the globe in the transport industry with focus on innovation and project management. Independent and highly motivated professional with exceptional communication skills. A creative individual who adapts quickly to any environment, makes critical decisions during challenges, provides insights to streamline processes and implement solutions in order to achieve the desire outcomes.


  • June 05: A user-centric approach for more accessible and inclusive mobility in our cities

    Improving passenger experience in the Barcelona metropolitan area

    As the public transport industry has become more digitalised and data about customers from new sources has become available, the session will analyse how the data available from vehicles enables predictive analytics to help operators counter problems before they occur, which reduces service disruptions and keeps passengers satisfied by giving them a personalised and frictionless travelling experience. The speech will also detail how the project uses technology and innovation to provide better information (for instance, this includes initiatives such as passenger density sensing and optimisation to analyse crowd position, creating information for third parties: outdoors displays, websites, mobile applications...). Sharing this data with passengers means that they can then make informed decisions for a safer, more comfortable, and enjoyable experience