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French by birth, Swiss by adoption, Ludmila Heitz started her career in the communication domain in the heavy vehicles industry, evolved as manager for salesforce training and then as HR manager for the HQ and the dealers’ network. It’s the richness of these experiences (communication, training, human resources) that allowed her to develop specific knowledge of the jobs, field reality, employee’s expectations and visions in terms of human development to serve the business objectives and the customer. In 2009 she had the opportunity to settle in Lausanne and restarted her career in HR in public transport. In 2014 she took the position of senior executive for recruitment and HR Business partnership management and is responsible since then for recruitment, sourcing strategy of the company, lead 220 recruitments/year (together with my tremendous team) and manage legal issues and HR specific projects.


  • June 12: The faces of public transport in 2030

    Reimagine recruitment and raise digital awareness to face 2030’s challenges in public transport

    Public Transport actors must reimagine recruitment and relationship with the candidates, use innovative methods of promotion, interaction and assessment to be able to attract and retain tomorrow’s needed skills. In Switzerland, the low rate of unemployment and of female active workers is not conducive to recruiting whereas our company needs yearly over 200 new employees and keeps developing new services that require new skills and jobs. tl decided to address and anticipate this problematic by reflecting and taking actions through the creation of an innovation hub and the recruitment of its team, the promotion of technical profiles, of professional training for girls and the launch of a digitalisation program for our management. Through 3 practical examples discover how innovative methods can serve recruitment and raise awareness to the digital world.