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An experienced and passionate leader in new mobility holding an international PhD, Darian Heim is driven by the possibilities of technology to provide inclusive and sustainable mobility. He has multiple years of experience at mobility start-ups and a track-record in successful internationalizations.
At Losch Digital Lab he is Head of Mobility and leads the implementations of new business units, the latest being Savvy Mobility, an on-demand mobility software solution with clients across Europe. At the same time, he is a University Teacher at Spain’s EAE Business School to transmit his passion to the game changers of tomorrow.


  • June 07: Filling the gaps within the wider public transport network

    How public transport and taxi companies can collaborate for a more inclusive mobility

    Mobility in rural areas is a challenge. To overcome it, it is necessary to add on-demand mobility services to the public transport offer. This is what the “Landkreis” of Freudenstadt (Germany) does to ensure a mobility guarantee: it uses Savvy's software to offer “public transport taxi” rides as a feeder service to complement existing fixed lines. When there is no existing transport available within one hour for the resident searching for a transport, an on-demand ride is offered by local taxi companies, for an extra charge of only a few euros. Since the project’s launch in September, a steady growth of 20% per month in bookings has been observed. This project is subsidized by the “Land” Baden-Württemberg, so local taxi companies don’t lose revenue and passengers don’t have to pay the full price of a “normal” taxi. This is how the region offers inclusive mobility to its residents.