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Mr. Haveland is a serial entrepreneur with background from commercialization and innovation. Though he is quite new to the light rail industry, he is keen to find ways to make the Bergen Light Rail System cost efficient, reliable and customer friendly.

Mr. Haveland is providing an innovative view to light rail, looking to be in the forefront of autonomous trams and alternative energy sources to catenary lines.

Haveland has held multiple CEO positions and worked on large scale projects as a consultant.

– 2014-2018 Managing Consultant, Karabin AS (Management consulting)
– 2012-2014 Commercial Director, Gexcon AS (Risk analysis global oil and gas company)
– 2010-2012 Senior Advisor, Inventura AS (Procurement consulting)
– 2009-2010 CEO, Mercator Kart AS (Photogrammetry/aerial mapping)
– 2005-2009 Partner/Chairman of the board, OHS AS (Occupational health)
– 2002-2005 CEO, Bergen Technology Transfer Office (Investment/commercialisation)