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Sophie Hassan has a 12 years’ experience in new business design and development, innovation and digital transformation, both in large corporations and start-ups. Currently Head of Innovation of RATP Dev, which operates and maintains urban and intercity passengers’ transportation services on four continents, she has an extensive knowledge of new urban passengers’ mobility services, innovative business models and Corporate Venture capital investment and data strategy for transport operators.


  • June 11: the Studio: where ideas come to life

    Co-create an AI and; Big Data mobility start-up: a new way of scaling up innovation by RATP Dev

    RATP Dev has co-created the start-up CITIO ( with a team of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data experts to develop the first solution for analysis and optimisation of public transport networks. Key steps for this project were to identify a business issue faced by public transport operators, develop rapidly a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to accelerate go-to-market, scale up the technology and business model and negotiate a shareholders agreement between the entrepreneurs and RATP Dev. The success of this innovative process for launching a new activity highly depends on the capacity of the large company to act as a shareholder of the start-up, and not as a client, he support of the top-management, anticipating scale-up, a dedicated team of entrepreneurs and a governance leaving enough autonomy to the start-up.