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Anders Gulliksson works as R & D Manager at Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection. Anders has over 20 years of experience with fire suppression systems and detection covering large gas extinguishing systems through various specialized local protection applications for industrial and automotive applications. He has also been participating in international standardization work within the CEN.


  • June 10: Systems and solutions for vehicle safety

    LiIonFire - An Automated HEV and EV Vehicle Fire Early Warning and Suppression System

    (Li-ion) batteries pose a significant fire and explosion risks, as well as an exceptionally catastrophic threat of injury, death and loss of property. Thus, growth of the electric bus industry has accelerated the demand for e-bus fire suppression technologies. Current technologies do not fully meet customer needs as they do not offer automatic and integrated solutions of early fire detection, system cooling and fire suppression. The LionFire research Project,, funded by the EU seeks to address this gap by innovative solutions. LionFire aims to integrate battery supervision and fire warning systems in order to detect pending failures that eventually can lead to fires and also aims to prevent the fire occurrence by spot cooling and finally to supress any fire if needed to delay fire propagation for ensuring safe evacuation of passangers. The project is led by Dafo Vehicle Fire Suppression.