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Zoe Green is an award-winning designer and problem solver who values the experience of hearing, learning from, and sharing people’s stories. She relishes the chance to help understand and untangle complex problems. Zoe has worked extensively for clients in transport and government across NSW, Queensland and Victoria. She teaches design part-time at the University of Technology Sydney and holds a Masters of Design and First Class Honours in Bachelor of Industrial Design.


  • June 11: People first! Improving the urban experience with public transport

    From buttons to networks - scaling human-centred design in public transport planning

    Meld Studios has worked across transportation agencies in Australia, using human-centred design to deliver transport experiences at all scales - from a button, a carriage, a station, a precinct, to an entire network.

    Recently we took on the challenge of creating an integrated transport plan for one of Sydney’s primary growth corridors. Using the new Sydney Metro rail line as a catalyst for change, how might we use a human-centred approach to deliver seamless multimodal transport?

    We will share honest learnings around:
    - Embedding human-centred design practices into engineering led transport organisations;
    - Practical methods of testing transport prototypes with customers;
    - Using behavioural archetypes to scale from individual needs to the entire population;
    - Creating a model for the application of human-centred design in future transport planning.

    To be presented with Chris O'Brien