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After having worked as an Engineer two years in the weapon industry at the very beginning of his career, Philippe Grand joined Alstom transport organization in 1989. He joined Iveco Irisbus Iveco in 2001 as a contract manager, fully dedicated to new drive line products such as trolleybuses or battery powered buses. In 2006, he became then Product Manager of new energy vehicles and part of the development platform of City buses. He has been responsible for Public Affairs within Iveco Irisbus for five year and at the same time Chairman of Lyon Truck and Bus Cluster and UITP VEI international committee. He joined then during 3 years’ time the French commercial team in charge of International key account customers and public Transport Authorities. Thanks to his strong experience he has been acting since 2020 as Product Manager for Digital services for the whole Bus range.


  • June 07: Secure public transport systems: How best to tackle cyberattacks

    Bus data management: Cybersecurity constraints and opportunities

    To operate and maintain their bus fleets, PTO's are using more and more new digital services provided by OEM or third party suppliers. Collection of data from the CAN network and sending those data outside the bus for compilation and display is a must. There are different solutions and standards to do so, that require specific hardware and software series equipment but as well specific ones, depending of the customer needs. The purpose of the presentation is to introduce the topic in a synthetic manner, to explain what the current problematic our customers, but as well the OEM’s, are facing and the current actions in place to comply customer needs consistently with Cybersecurity constraints. IVECO BUS is a key player in Digital services deployment. We are currently inventing a new world of connected services for our customers taking into account cybersecurity aspects in parallel.