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Guillaume GIBON is a seasoned entrepreneur with 10 years of experience launching and developing technological and digital activities. He recently co-founded Citio, the leader in big data and AI for public transport networks. Citio aims at optimizing transport offer while following dynamically how passengers are really commuting. Since its launch in April 2018, Citio operates in several cities in France and across the globe. #SmartAIforSmartCities.


  • June 11: the Studio: where ideas come to life

    How big data can improve transport networks performance? Examples from European and Maghreb cities.

    Nowadays, leveraging data is becoming a must in the field of transport. Decisions need to be quicker, more agile and well-informed, on a day-to-day basis to deliver the best customer experience. However, the amount of data generated by vehicles, infrastructures and users is constantly growing and the nature of data is very diverse. While it can be seen as a challenge to master the complexity of big data, it is a great opportunity for public transport operational excellence. The aim of this presentation is to highlight the potential of leveraging big data to support operators and organizing authorities in their daily decision-making. Through the use of artificial intelligence, complex data can be displayed in smart and ergonomic visualizations and lead to efficient decision-making for an improved customer experience and a higher network performance.