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Aleksandr GERASIMOV is graduated School of business and business administration, of Higher School of Economics.
He started working in the transport sector in 2012 in Moscow Traffic Control Centre.
In April of 2017 he moved to “MosTransProekt”.
Under the leadership of Mr. Gerasimov, a number of significant projects for Moscow have been developed, such as:
– development of methods of socio-economic evaluation of transport projects;
– amendments to the Address Investment Program (AIP) of the city of Moscow;
– creation of interactive maps of the road and transport situation online.
Currently, under the leadership of Mr. Gerasimov, the following projects are carried out:
– creation of transport models and development of transport planning documents for the regions of the Russian Federation;
– development of concepts, draft schemes, programs for the development and operation of the transport system and road transport infrastructure;
– development of strategy of Moscow Transport complex till 2040.
He was awarded the certificates of gratitude from the Deputy Mayor of Moscow, Head of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Department Mr. Liksutov and the Governor of the Tula region Mr. Dyumin.