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Per Gellert is Planning Director at Movia. His area of responsibility is planning, contracts, business development and Flextrafik (demand responsive public transportation). Per Gellert has a Master of Science in Engineering and has been with the public transport authority of Copenhagen since 2000. Movia is the largest Public Transport Authority (PTA) in Denmark. Movia transports more than 215M passengers annually and is owned by the 45 municipalities and two regions on Zealand and is responsible for all bus operations, local railway services and demand responsive public transport on Zealand.


  • June 12: On-demand ride sharing: learn from the pioneers

    Combining demand responsive public transport with fixed bus and train networks in a journey planner

    Movia has found a viable solution to the well known and worldwide challenge of first/last mile transportation that can provide a both cost effective and high level public transportation service in areas with low passenger demand by combining this transportation with demand responsive public transportation (DRPT). Movia has for years mastered DRPT. Even in a model, where different types of passengers travel together in the same vehicles as e.g. patients, disabled and public transport passengers. As a result DRPT is a widespread service in Denmark. Currently, Movia is cooperating with the other transportation authorities in Denmark on combining DRPT with traditional public transport running along fixed routes (bus and train) in the nationwide digital multi journey planner ( – one of the most popular apps in Denmark.