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Karl Garme,, MSc in Naval Architecture and Tech. Dr in Lightweight structures is specialized in seakeeping and hull loads, at KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. Dr Garme is involved in public transport and freight on urban and inland waters and is presently leading research projects on technical development, planning tools and economic prospects for waterborne public transport. The research is funded by the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Stockholm County Council and conducted with researchers from KTH School of Industrial Management, Vattenbussen AB and the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, VTI. Dr Garme was part of the workgroup assigned to write the Swedish Maritime Research Agenda in 2013 and later following up this representing KTH in the Swedish Competence Centre Lighthouse.


  • June 11: Fifty shades of public transport

    Agent-based simulation model for the multi-modal (rail-road-waterborne) public transport systems of Stockholm

    The poster illustrates the simulation interface and gives a view on how the simulation model work as a tool to visually show the agents (travellers) interacting with car, bus, tram, underground and ferry movements through the city of Stockholm. The poster describes the agent-based simulation model for the multi-modal (rail-road-sea) public transport systems of Stockholm aimed as a strategic planning tool. This model system is deployed to analyse the effect of modifications to the waterborne transit system, comprising changes to schedules, fares and boat designs as well as the possible addition of new lines. The detailed model representation allows to analyse the resulting changes in all-day travel patterns throughout the entire city and for all represented traveller segments.