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Mr. José Ángel Gallego has a degree in Mathematics (BSc + MSc) from the Complutense University of Madrid. He joint Cojali in 2020 to lead Connected Services and Data Science business units globally, in charge of the strategy, business development and operations for both divisions within the Cojali Group.

José Ángel has more than 17 years of experience as part of multidisciplinary teams, leading international business developments and highlighting his participation driving large consulting and engineering programs in advanced technologies, autonomous systems and R&D programs for both, Civil and Defense sectors, characterized by taking advantage of Innovations and Cutting-edge technologies for the Industry. Just as Cojali has been doing in its more than 30 years of history devoted to Innovation & Technology for Automotive Industry.


  • June 06: Digital solutions and connectivity for safer and more reliable operations

    Predictive Maintenance, a new paradigm for the bus industry

    Today we can maximize the uptime of the vehicles thanks to the high level of sensorization, the large amount of data delivered by the vehicles and the capability to transform data into knowledge, applying Artificial Intelligence models beyond than human capabilities. Being able to anticipate breakdown or setups maintenance operations according to the actual status of the components, means excellence in service, saving cost keeping the vehicle on the road, increase the security reducing breakdowns and more efficient operation. During the speech we will have the opportunity to get into details about how we can reach this goals taking advantage of the advanced remote diagnostics, unique in the market, and one of the largest commercial vehicles dataset multi-brand and multi-system to support the predictive maintenance models.