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Margareta Friman is Professor of Psychology and pro-vice chancellor at Karlstad University (Sweden). Margareta Friman has authored and co-authored books and book chapters, articles, and technical reports primarily in the areas of travel and life satisfaction, travel satisfaction, service quality in public transport, soft transport policy measures and travel behavior. Her articles have been published in international journals in psychology, economics, and transportation. In 2014, she received the Volvo Håkan Frisinger Foundation for Transportation Research Award as a prominent researcher. A recent edited book (Springer) by Friman and her colleagues focus on Quality in Life and Daily Travel.


  • June 10: Easier said than done: doing right by the customer

    Public transport use, experiences, and life satisfaction across five life-stages

    This project focus on young peoples perceived service quality, travel satisfaction and life satisfaction. People in earlier life stages (Gen Z [16-24 years] and Gen Y [25-34 years]) use public transport and active modes to a higher extent than people in other life stages. Satisfaction with travel increases lineary by life stage. Satisfaction with service quality vary between life stages. It is confirmed that satisfaction with travel, including public transport use, is related to life satisfaction in all life stages. A direct effect of frequency of use of public transport on travel satisfaction illuminate the importance of public transport services for daily travel. The project is a collaboration between researchers at Karlstad University and the BEST network (public transport actors in Bergen, Copenhagen, Geneva, Helsinki, Rotterdam - The Hague, Oslo and Stockholm).